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Casual Rental Services

It’s no surprise that more landlords are choosing to rent out
their own properties and take a more active role in their investment.


The changes and cost of legislation may be affecting your financial budget which doesn’t stretch to include the ongoing cost of a property management company.  There will always be owners that will need a property management company for various reasons e.g. they live overseas, but it can be a simple process looking after your own property provided you have the right support and systems in place to do this. 


After being in the industry of property management for over 12 year’s we could see there was a gap in the market place for owners who had difficulty finding a good tenant at the start of a tenancy.  Equally we also found that good tenants had difficulty finding a suitable property when faced with fixed term end dates, houses going on the market and managing busy working/family lives to view new rentals only to be declined before they even had the chance to view the house.


With this in mind the concept to be the mediator between good landlords and good tenant came our forward thinking approach to invite tenants to become a pre-approved tenant. This would mean they have already been credit checked, their references verified, job status confirmed etc.  This in turn will mean shorter vacancy times and access to a larger variety of tenants.  A win, win for both parties.

Our values make up
our promise to you


  1. Respect

  2. Trust

  3. Honesty

  4. Integrity

  5. Innovation

  6. We make a Difference